Build Habits and Reimagine Leadership Development

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What's your leadership development strategy? Sporadic and disjointed workshops, classroom training and e-learning are simply not enough to prepare your leaders to drive strategic business plans. The secret to success is in building habits so that leadership becomes as natural as making your bed in the morning. But which habits to focus on and how to build them? My multiyear research study of 800 leaders from around the world revealed the leadership behaviors that result in stronger top- and bottom-line performance; my evidence-based formula turns these behaviors into habits through daily five-minute exercises. This is how you reimagine leadership development into a continuous process and build the "muscle memory" that turns leadership skills into lasting habits

Key Learning Takeaways:

• Discover a new leadership strategy that develops and measures every leader every day.
• Learn how to prepare your leaders to drive strategic business plans through daily practice of core leadership skills.
• Find out how to accelerate leader readiness through simple five-minute exercises that result in lasting habits.

Speaker: Martin Lanik, Author, The Leader Habit